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Socially Responsible Disc Recycling

Gently used discs and disc golf products.


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Way too flippy? Broken or damaged?

Protecting our environment

Lost or improperly discarded disc golf discs put parks and other fragile ecosystems at risk. Along with most plastics, disc golf discs can take up to 1,000 years to fully degrade, releasing toxic substances into water and soil. Bogi is dedicated to keeping discs in the air and in the of hands players for as long as possible. Our process includes gathering, cleaning, grading, and testing disc golf discs to ensure our customers have the best experience when throwing second hand plastics.

Developing recycled products

Even broken or damaged discs can still serve a purpose. Discs that we come across that are unable to be thrown will be processed and repurposed into various disc golf related products so they may continue to provide value on the course. We are currently gathering information in order to pinpoint what types of products are needed by disc golfers and how to create those products from recycled disc golf disc plastic.

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