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About Us

It all started with a two questions. How much plastic is used to produce new discs and what happens to old discs when players lose or no longer want them? The answers we found were staggering. New disc production is higher than ever, while lost and unwanted discs end up polluting ecosystems and in landfills. Realizing its responsibility to protect the planet and the sport, Bogi has made its sole mission to keep discs flying and in the hands of players for as long as possible

Here at Bogi, we fully understand that producing new discs is essential to the growth of the sport. But we believe that it is equally, if not more important to exploit every opportunity to reduce unnecessary waste by reusing and recycling as many discs as we can.

Together we can make sure we all get to play another round.

What does Bogi mean?

As it pertains to disc golf, a bogey is one stroke over par. A missed chance. The one that got away. A damaging penalty against your score. Used discs can also be viewed like this. Used discs are often discarded well before the end of their lifecycle, presenting concerning implications for our environment. When a player loses, damages, or throws away a used disc, and it no longer in play, that's a bogey. A penalty to both your score and the environment.


While the value of using discs accurate to their flight characteristics is crucial for some players, other players find value in using discs that have already been used or “broken-in”. Although broken-in discs may deviate from their original flight characteristics, the new flight characteristics after wear are not without merit. A disc that may have originally been overstable, could become stable, and that may be what some players are looking for.


We aim to breathe life into used discs and limiting influences to purchase new discs by focusing on sustainability and community involvement so that our bogeys are few and our opportunities are many.

Welcome to Bogi.

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